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In 1979 The Council of Ministers of BSSR has taken the decision about construction in our republic of a plant for production of articles from metal powders on the base of the Scientific Research, Technological and Design Institute of Powder Metallurgy. In 1983 was built the first production building. In March of 1984 was produced the first set of articles from metal powder. In January of 1985 was organized the area for deposition of titanium-nitride coatings on dentures, false tooth and tools. In March of 1985 the production of friction disks starts and beginning 1986 the technology of "free loading" was mastered. In 1987-89 the production of half-finished parts of electric machines collectors was mastered by full technological cycle. On October 22 of 1999 by Decision of the State Committee by Science and Technologies the plant was included in the Register of highly technological enterprises. Today the plant delivers construction parts in more than 30 enterprises, friction parts in more than 20 enterprises, heat evacuators in more than 10 enterprises, filters in more than 15 enterprises, bronze powder in more than 5 enterprises. A great volume of production is designed for export. The production with the mark of Molodechnos Powder Metallurgy Plant is well known in our Republic and in foreign countries.


Director of plant: Topalov Oleg Minovich, tel. +375(176)-732424;
Chief engineer: Zhukovskij Aleksandr Kazimirovich, tel. +375(176)-732339.
Chief technologue: Zhuravskaya Elena Petrovna, tel. +375(176)-732386
Sales department: Misevich Yuliya Bronislavovna, tel. +375(176)-732492

The operating mode of the factory is from 8-00 to 17-00, reception on personal matters from 17-00 to 18-00


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